What is kinesiology?

Do you know your body may already know exactly what it needs for optimal wellbeing?
And all you need to do is ask?

Kinesiology allows to discover imbalances in the body, mind and spirit. It brings awareness to what is keeping us feeling stuck, and allows to find out what the body and mind need or want in order to release those blocks.

Through kinesiology, we tap into the body’s innate healing ability and allow the subconscious stresses to come to the surface. By correcting these imbalances, we reactivate the body’s built in healing ability and identify the external factors affecting our happiness, health and wellbeing.

I believe that everybody has the same opportunity in life and to me it is important that everyone gets the chance to have a healing session if they wish to work with me.

And that is why I am offering the remote kinesiology session, the kinesiology programme and the personalised Bach flower remedy blend with the option of selecting how much you want to pay between 3 prices.

So, no matter how much you pay, you will be getting the same benefits of the healing as everybody else. 

Remote Kinesiology Sessions

Discover how a remote kinesiology healing session can help you to release the memories that are holding you back, bringing peace back into the mind and body.

Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies can heal emotional imbalances, such as fear, anger, anxiety. They are beneficial for lack of self-esteem sadness, stress, guilt, worry, and many other negative feelings.

Kinesiology Programme

The kinesiology programme is suitable for those who are tired of re-living the same negative situations over and over again, and for those who are ready to move forward in life.

Hi, I am Carlotta

I have always been a spiritual individual and a curious being.

I believe in the power of the mind. I believe we are all deserving of living a life we love. It is our birth right.

What interests me is how one’s mind is programmed, their mindset and limiting beliefs, and what the root cause of any of their emotional and physical issue may be.

My purpose is to help those who are ready to start their healing journey, to help them move from feeling lost or stuck, from stressed and fearful, to find peace and joy, and to create their own extraordinary life.


Daniela B.

Thank you, Carlotta, for your remote healing session. I can say that the chakra cleanse worked wonderfully! I feel you sensed exactly how I was feeling. My headache gradually reduced the intensity and I felt a state of wellness. Thank you for your patience, support, and advice!


Carlotta does amazing healing sessions – I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy two remote sessions and loved every minute of them. I felt understood and known, seen and appreciated. And subtle yet profound shifts started to occur. Carlotta is very kind and clear in what she says and does and 100% present with her clients.

Thank you, Carlotta! <3

Claire H.

I am so grateful to you for the life changing sessions we had in the last past months. I was in a point in my life where I was giving up, but you helped me through many challenging times in my life. In particular, dealing with anxiety. I am in such a different place now. I am much lighter and happier. Thank you


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